One Parent association

  • The OneParent Association (AOP) was founded in 2012 in order to promote activities in support of Single Parents and their children                                                                    

  • We are a non-profit, association for social advancement. The Headquarters is in Milan, but operating throughout Italy


  • Everyone can support us and take part in social benefit activities

  • We set up a series of events, such as clustered and playful activities (with and without children), dissemination, research and training, editorials, personal services, support and exchange of experiences                                                                

  • We are connected to the community on line   and we are on Facebook as . Visit them !



 AOP is addressed to:
• anyone who is in the condition of being Single Parent (separated, divorced, widowed, baby mama, etc.) and who, despite the inconvenience experiencing that this condition entails, wishes to preserve health wells for themselves and for their children

• anyone can make an ongoing contribution towards supporting single parents with suggestion, ideas, activities, donations, etc.


Not just Association
The OneParent Association is twinned with the community whose goal is to foster socialization among single parents (with online forum and real events throughout Italy); the subscription is free.


What does the Association do?
The OneParent Association carries out social promotion activities on single parenting issues: information and awareness raising, publishing, playful activities, and aggregation, sharing and support to people thank to professional and personal resources among members.